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Secret Warriors

Taylor Downing

Hardback - 978-1-4087-0421-9

In his book Secret Warriors, Taylor Downing identifies some of those individuals who through foresight and innovation rose to the challenges presented during the First World War and helped to lay the foundation for future military, medical, scientific and technological progress.

An historian with a creative mind Downing paints a vivid picture of the horrors of that war, and identifies the parts those 'secret warriors' played. In addition to the development of the conventional weapons of war the author introduces the politics, the power of the press,the use of propaganda and censorship.

With the state of the art technologies of cable and wireless, Dowding highlights the development of the age old practice of secret communications and introduces the small group of codebreakers who worked in Room 40 of the Admiralty and Section MI1b of Military Intelligence who deciphered the enemy's intercepted messages.

The author covers the parts played by the Royal Army Medical Corps, scientists and other members of the medical profession who, in response to disease and injuries of war developed vaccines and treatments and helped to rebuild broken bodies and minds.

The book's 371 pages are packed with interesting and little known facts crafted by a writer who is highly informative and easy to read. In addition to the extensive index and reference sections Dowding has also included a fascinating section on the 'Who's Who of Secret Warriors.

An excellent reference book and a good read.

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