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Demystifying the Bombe

Sir John Dermot Turing

Paperback - 978-1-84165-566-6

It is understood that Alan Turing believed, that if a machine was used to create a cypher, then a machine could be produced to help break that cypher. In the early 1940s such a machine was developed which helped the code-breakers of Bletchley Park to break the Enigma machine cypher. The machine would become known as “the bombe”.

Through this guide book the author Sir John Dermot Turing provides a simple and concise overview of the workings of that machine. Compiling images and text he takes the reader from the machine’s inception at the British Tabulating Machine Company under the engineer ‘Doc’ Keen; the developments made at the suggestion of Gordon Welchman; the work undertaken by the bombe operators and examples of the actions taken by those on the field of battle provided by the intelligence decrypted from Bletchley Park.

Well written and colourfully illustrated the 64 page publication does as the title suggests, it certainly “demystifies the bombe machine”.

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